OLEOFARM is a company focused on the research, production and sales of high-quality food supplements, dietary foods for special medical purposes, pharmaceutical raw materials and healthy food, including cold pressed oils.

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About us

OLEOFARM is focused on the research, production and sales of high-quality products and raw materials including: food supplements, oils, juices, foods for special medical purposes, medical devices, cold pressed oils, milled seeds, healthy food etc. The company activity began in 2002. Today Oleofarm is one of the largest pharmaceutical company with Polish capital. Company headquarters and production plant is located in Wroclaw, Poland The mission of Oleofarm is to look after the health, immunity, vitality and well-being of people of any age. Our wide range of products improve comfort of life and is addressed to many health problems  from the early childhood to the advanced age. We operate since 2002 Over 300 employees Almost 10 000 m2 of area Production around 277 milion capsules per year More than 200 products in the portfolio Oleofarm is thriving from the very beginning. Over the past 5 years, the company has more than doubled its sales numbers, reaching 31,7 mln Euro in 2019. Oleofarm cares about the quality of its products, and above all about the satisfaction and health of its customers. With customers in mind, we are introducing new products on an ongoing basis by expanding our portfolio.

We operate since 2002

Over 300 employees

Almost 10 000 m3 of areas

Production around 277 milion capsules per year

More than 200 products in the portfolio.

Research and development

The head of the Research and Development is a Pharmacology PhD. The team consists of dynamic staff with experience gained in a number of companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The department’s competences allow the development of innovative products that are in line with the current scientific status. Creating innovative solutions, openness of mind to innovation, creativity of the Team is the driving force for the development of the enterprise. We have our own specialized research laboratory as well as cooperation with external laboratories. We offer research and development services at all stages, from the idea to the final product. We provide our clients with an appropriate understanding of needs, consultancy related to product research and development, as well as comprehensive assistance in the development of documentation.

High quality standards

We ensure the highest quality standards at every stage of our business – from the purchase of raw materials, through production, to distribution and customer service. Modernly equipped laboratory, engaged and qualified staff and implemented integrated quality management system guarantee that our products meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Since 2004, we have been improving the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. We are based on the requirements of the HACCP system according to the Codex Alimentarius and the ISO 22000 standard. In the production and distribution of medical devices, we have implemented the ISO 13485 system. We are GMP certified for the scope of the Regulation (EC No 852/2004) on food hygiene. We keep track of and adapt to rapidly changing legal requirements and market needs. We cooperate with recognized experts. We are a member of the National Council of Supplements and Nutrients. Our plant is subject to constant supervision of such institutions as the Sanitary Inspectorate, the Inspectorate of Commercial Quality of Agri-Food Products, the Veterinary Inspectorate or the Regional Office of Measures. Our management systems are regularly checked and certified by TÜV NORD, and in the field of processing and import of organic products – by the eco-guarantee certification body. The constant pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work is one of the key values of our company and a tool for setting and achieving quality goals.

Research and development

GMP Quality Certificate
Management system compilant with ISO 9001:2015
Management system compilant with ISO 22000:2005
Certified organic product
Responsible enteroreneur certificate


We have many functional and diverse production lines thanks to which our technological capabilities are very wide compared with other manufacturers in the industry. Of course, we constantly put effort in continues improvement as well as plant and equipment development in order to meet the current market trends. Our latest project implementation are coloured softgel capsules.

Worldwide cooperation

Worldwide cooperation Oleofarm cooperates with food and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We keep working and growing in the following countries.

Member of the National Council of Supplements and Nutrients

Management system compliant with ISO 9001: 2015

Certificate of a responsible entrepreneur

Certificate of ecological products

We are a member of the Business Center Club

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