Contract manufacturing

We offer research and development services at all stages, from the idea to the final product. We provide our clients with an appropriate understanding of needs, consultancy related to product research and development, as well as comprehensive assistance in the development of documentation.

We offer a number of services, which include:

• encapsulation of hardgel capsules with loose and liquid filling;
• encapsulation of softgel capsules with liquid filling (twist-off; round, oval);
• grinding marc of flaxseed, hemp seeds, etc .;
• pressing of plant seed oils on specialized presses to maintain the full nutritional value of oils;
• filling and confectioning of liquid raw materials (oils, juices, syrups, dietary supplements);
• spray drying;
• production of loose mixtures and their packaging (packing in bags and doypacks);
• packaging of capsules (blister packaging, packaging in boxes)


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Production possibilities:

Create your Own Health Product Made in Europe. We guarantee low MOQ. high quality of product, flexibility and individual approach. You can use our ready formulation or we can create new product in accordance to your request and needs!



Tel: +48 71 316 94 55 (38)



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