Sterile hypertonic 3% sodium chloride solution in ampoules for inhalation.

Not for injection.


It stimulates the removal of secretions in the lower respiratory tract due to the osmotic action.

It prevents the bronchial mucosa from drying out.

Hypertonic 3% sodium chloride inhalation solution can be used with pneumatic or ultrasonic nebulizers. Use the nebuliser according to the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the device.

Character and packaging

Packs of 30 single-dose 4 ml ampoules.


Sodium chloride: 3g.

Purified water qs 100 ml.

It does not contain preservatives.

Directions for use

Please read the instructions for use.

Precaution for use

For single use only.

For inhalation only.

Not for injection.

Before use, check that the single-dose ampoule is not damaged. Do not use a damaged ampoule. Follow the nebulizer manufacturer’s instructions for use.

If you are prone to developing dyspnoea or hypersensitivity, do not use the inhalation solution without medical supervision.

Do not mix with other drugs.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not use after the expiry date.

Opened single-dose ampoules must not be re-used: the product contains no preservatives, therefore re-use may involve the risk of administration of a contaminated solution.

Hypertonic 3% sodium chloride inhalation solution is a class IIa medical device.

CE marking date: 11/12/2013

Version of the instruction for use: 12.2013



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