Noson – aspirator for children

The NOSON nasal aspirator is a medical device intended for safe removal of nasal secretions through its gentle suction. Each aspirator is equipped with an absorbent, hygienic filter that stops the sucked secretions.


Brings relief from flu, colds, sinusitis and other medical conditions characterized by increased nasal discharge. Effectively drains excess secretions, bringing relief to the child and making it easier for him to breathe. To reduce the density of the secretions and facilitate its suction, it is recommended to rinse your nose with a NOSON seawater solution before using the aspirator.


• Place the tip in front of the aspirator.

• Insert the applicator tip into the nostril.

• Gently suck air through the mouthpiece.

• Repeat the procedure by placing the tip in the second nostril.

• Remove the replaceable tip containing secretions. Do not use again.

• If the replacement tip contains secretions before clearing both nostrils, remove the tip and use a new one.

The secretion containing secretions should be removed and not reused to prevent re-infection. The NOSON nasal aspirator is for use only with replaceable NOSON tips

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