D-Vitum for children and D-Vitum Forte for adults

D-Vitum and D-Vitum Forte

Bone tissue is a dynamic structure which is constantly being rebuilt. Some bone cells (osteoclasts) degrade bone tissue, thus releasing calcium, while others (osteoblasts) create new bone tissue by incorporating elements such as calcium into bones. A proper balance must be maintained between these two processes, especially since bone tissue degradation intensifies with age. Bone metabolism may be maintained by supplementing the necessary nutrients in the daily diet.

Vitamin D promotes good bone and tooth health and it is instrumental in the correct absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. It also helps to maintain normal blood calcium levels and participates in the cell division process. Vitamin D also supports correct muscle function.

Vitamin K, just as vitamin D, helps to promote bone health. The human body is unable to independently synthetize vitamin K2 and therefore the demand for the vitamin is mainly covered by food and, to a lesser degree, thanks to the synthesis process carried out by gut bacteria. D-Vitum forte K2 contains vitamin K2 – menaquinone-7 (MK-7). Its significance lies in the fact that it is precisely the chemical form of vitamin K that takes part in bone metabolism.

D-Vitum for childrens

Vitamin D is necessary for correct growth and bone development in children. It also promotes bone and tooth health

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D-Vitum Forte

The products contains linseed oil with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids,

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