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D-Vitum and D-Vitum Forte

Vitamin D promotes good bone and tooth health and it is instrumental in the correct absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.

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Be a Pro for your baby!

Pro line - created for a woman. Proovulin - regulation of hormonal activity. Profolium - planning and pregnancy.

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Destresan - Recommended available having difficulty falling asleep, feeling anxious and nervous disorders.

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Choose the best set of our Vitum series vitamins and minerals you need and enjoy your well-being!

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Collaflex contains 3 major structural components of the cartilaginous tissue in the same proportions as those naturally occurring in the human body.

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LenVitol® flaxseed oil is obtained using the traditional cold-pressing technique. It boasts an elevated content of polyunsaturated fats and omega-3

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Oils of the World

Oils of the World is a line of high-quality oils from all over the world. They offer rich flavours locked in elegant glass bottles.

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Ligunin® TERMOSTOP is a preparation containing flax lignans and hop cone extract

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Juices of the World

Juices of the World are 100% directly extracted from fruit rather than made from concentrates.

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Skrzypolen with contains as many as 6 ingredients: horsetail extract, ground flax seeds, biotin, zinc and sulfuric amino acids: L-methionine

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